Martine Baboin is the Director and principal French teacher. Martine is a native French speaker, raised in the Rhône Valley.
Over the past 30 years, Martine has taught French in Australia, New Zealand and France both as a private tutor and for organisations including The Alliance Française and International House in Nice. She created frenchclass in Sydney, 24 years ago putting into practice all her experience from teaching French around the world.

Now back in France she is continuing to spread her love of teaching French even in France!

It is her aim to teach as many people as she can to speak French!

See how Martine teaches!


In 2017 we were featured on the SBS Small Business Secrets programme about our French programme.

To view the programme http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2017/06/13/slice-france-sydney

What students have had to say about frenchclass:

“ Martine is a marvellous teacher because somehow, somewhat mysteriously, she reaches the absolute right balance between being structured and being informal and spontaneous. So she is able to modulate each lesson to fit the learning-speed of the group in front of her. And because she has such a deep knowledge of the French language she is able to provide many hints, techniques, short-cuts and other devices to allow you to understand and retain your knowledge.
And her class is fun! Partly because she wants it to be and partly because she teaches real French, the language spoken every day in Paris and France, not the perfect grammar of the textbooks.” Oleh Butchatsky 

“When my daughter announced that she was going to live in Paris for a year, I went through all the usual parental fears when one’s loved ones decide to go and live miles from home, but then I realised how fantastic it would be…no excuses needed to visit her!! Then I remembered I only spoke school level french and I would need to brush up a little (ok a lot!). I had walked past the frenchclass studio many times and now was my chance to stop and go in. I have gained everything I hoped for from the French classes with Martine, and I didn’t embarrass anyone when I was in Paris, well as far as my communication skills went anyway. What I didn’t expect from frenchclass was the wonderful new group of friends I would make and the fun to be with learning a language. I have learnt so much about French culture, politics, humour and a few words you won’t get in a text book (sorry Martine!) I can’t recommend frenchclass highly enough if you want to learn French, improve your French, challenge your brain, meet great people or have a good laugh.” Trish Sherbon.

“I was a student in one of your beginner classes some years ago (in 2012) with two friends and we throughly enjoyed your beginner French class on a weekday evening! I have always remembered your classes and just wanted to say a very big thank you! I am now spending a month in Montpellier during May. I am starting at a beginner French level (A1) here and have been re-visiting your lessons which are a huge help”.

“I am studying at the Institut Linguistique Adenet (ILA) Montpellier and have enjoyed my first week of the course. I feel I am already understanding more and more and it is only the first week. However, this is largely due to such a solid starting point which you provided. I am sure you continue to inspire other students as much as you did for me and I have certainly remembered several of your tricks through your enthusiasm to teach French” Anna Cranney