Term 2: Delivered from France.

We  offer our classes via the Zoom online platform only. 

We offer early evening group classes. Group classes last one hour per week.

Term 2: on Zoom

Foundation 2/ Intermediate: Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm

Cost – 8 weeks $400 

Private lessons: We have increased the number of private classes in recent times. See details for lessons below. Spaces available on selected afternoons. 


Contact frenchclass: for bookings.


Zoom lessons

Run like a private class but at the time of your choosing, a zoom lesson can fit in with your busy schedule or distance from frenchclass.
As well as the lessons we offer a package of recordings by Martine from the group classes in both Foundation 1 or 2 that assists you with learning the basics.
Cost 6 x one hour lesson and recording package for 1 person $725 including 1 free lesson.

About the Classes
The way we teach French at frenchclass is very different from the way it is taught in other schools.

For Foundation Classes
* We follow our own adapted Michel Thomas style in our foundation classes and we have found that it is a real inspiration to our learners and teachers alike
* We use no textbooks
* We use English to explain how French conversation works. That way you understand immediately what is required in French conversation and this builds your self confidence
* Once structures have been explained, we provide numerous prompts to help you to use the language correctly
* The conversations we use and teach have first been reduced to their essential words and structure
We are particularly proud of the speed with which our students gain confidence in using verbs, tenses and moods.
We coach our students endlessly with verbs in all tenses and moods because this is indispensible for good and accurate conversation.
During the foundation classes everything about French grammar will be explained and you will learn tactics that will help you to remember this important aspect of the language.
Rules that you may not have understood before will become clear.
We can guarantee that we will guide and assist you to reach an Advanced Level in French conversation within 3 to 4 terms.
There is no simpler and faster way to reach this goal.

Advanced classes
At this level you know the essentials of French conversation, therefore no more explanations of grammar are given unless requested, of course.
While we use English in the foundation classes to explain grammar and structure, we now do all that in French.
These classes are like a play performed by talented teachers. They will convey to you a multitude of French expressions and idioms and the different moods and accents that go with them.
You will take part in real French conversation with a native speaking coach.
Each lesson becomes little by little a delightful slice of real French life!
To keep your French brain active between lessons you will be able to use our class recordings.
Learning includes also listening to French songs, watching exerts of films, use of French web sites and current French TV.

Foundation 1
This class is especially for beginners to the French language. It is suited to those who are traveling to France and want an introduction to the language. You will be introduced to the sounds and basic grammar of the French language. You will learn the simple phrases necessary for traveling while on holiday in France and how the language works.
Foundation 2
Maybe you have done some school French, visited France and learned a little. These classes assume some understanding of French and the desire to take that knowledge forward by developing a better understanding of the grammar and pronunciation.
These classes are designed to combine the grammar and vocabulary learnt in previous lessons and translate this learning into conversational skills. You will have a chance to work towards great spoken fluency.
The conversation class is for those speakers of French who would like to keep practicing their French. Each week new topics will be introduced for discussion. Along the way you will get the opportunity to extend your vocabulary, update your grammar and parlez français.

Private Tuition 
* Cost Prices are per person per hour

* Private tuition $145 pp (5 hours) $725 (and you receive one extra hour)

* Class with 2 students $115 pp (5 hours) $575 pp (and you receive one extra hour)

* Class with 3 students $100 pp (5 hours) $500 pp (and you receive one extra hour)

Other Services

We offer gift vouchers for your loved ones.

We have corporate French classes too. We can tailor a programme for your organisation for both individuals or groups who need to learn to speak French as part of their work. 
If you can’t find a time that suits and /or have a group of friends who want a lesson or wish to have private classes please don’t hesitate to contact Martine and we can organise a time to meet and book a first free rendez­vous. 

Terms and Conditions

*Group Classes
* Classes will proceed with a minimum of 4 people and maximum of 8 people. *frenchclass will secure your place in a class upon payment of a non refundable (for change of mind) but transferable deposit ($100 pp for term classes, $200 for intensives) prior to start of the term classes.  Refunds for deposit paid will be available in cases were frenchclass is unable to offer classes as planned.

* Payment can be made in cash, eftpos or bank transfer before the beginning of the term, unless otherwise arranged.
* If you have to miss a class: you are welcome to join another class for a make up lesson in the same term.
* If you are unable to start or complete your booked group classes you can transfer your booking to another term of group classes.

* A credit will be offered only for the following term for any interruption of programme.

* Group classes can be attended on a one-off basis – Cost per class $55.

*Private Lessons

* If you cancel a lesson in advance of 24hrs no payment is necessary and you can  reschedule the lesson.

*If you cancel or miss a lesson less than 24 hours in advance you will be charged for that lesson.

* Block bookings must be paid in advance.  Block bookings are to take place over consecutive weeks.